Our values as a climbing holds manufacturer

We are aware that the most important asset when selecting a partner is trust. Granting trust is the result of a due diligence work aimed at ensuring that strong values drive an organization. In addition, we implement key performance indicators to monitor that the products and services are delivered according to these values. Furthermore, we praise transparency with our clients, in order to increase trust level.


Our clients have plans and customers: we respect them by delivering on time our orders. As a matter of fact, our clients can get updated about the progress of their order, upon request. Thus, they can properly coordinate.


Clear and fluid communication between our clients and us is of utmost importance. So, our clients can access information related to their account, in terms of sales and manufacturing, anytime.


We focus the best of our scientific knowledge to deliver quality-driven products, as contracted. Indeed, climbing holds brands need to have products respecting standards and the related certificates as a proof.


We apply working standards to make our collaborators feel safe, jubilant and respected. Indeed, enthusiasm conveys motivation for delivering the best of ourselves. This adds up to the fact that it is a feeling that everyone should experience.


We unleash our creativity in order to improve the technicality of our clients’ products. Thus, we want to support climbing holds brands in differentiating their offer. Indeed, this is a requirement when evolving in an increasingly competitive market.

About Us

At KASTLINE, our driver is to bring a qualitative manufacturing solution for climbing holds brands. We understand that brands need reliable lead times, and that they expect product quality to be up to their expectations, in line with industry standards.

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