Specificities of our manufacturing facility

We built the specificities of our manufacturing facility to be your optimal partner in developing your brand.

The specificities of our manufacturing facility got defined at the very first stages: we spent hours discussing about the vision driving us. This vision is based on the needs we could hear from the climbing holds brands, and on our ten-year experience about this market. As a consequence, our facility is structured around what we intend to bring to our clients as an answer to these needs.


We own our chemical formulae, in line with industry standards. Furthermore, we keep improving them to move towards increasingly performing materials. Indeed, in a competitive market, performance is what qualifies outliers.


We focus our know-how on efficient development of molds, complying with your instructions. So, we have implemented 3D-printing to make the masters. Thus, our clients save time and costs. This comes on top of the standard use of shaped foams.


We run our factory independently. As a result, we fully control our processes and whole supply chain. In addition, our R&D lab can deliver tailored solutions. So, when our clients have needs to develop their business, we can accompany them.

Continuous progress.

We listen to your needs and develop innovative solutions in order to keep your brand competitive. Indeed, we want to make sure that your offer can evolve and adapt to changes arising in the global climbing holds market.

Cross-border expertise.

The founders combine the best of their international experiences to deliver reliable services between China and other parts of the world. So, we can safely ship your samples, pre-prod and final products to you, upon request.

To summarize, our aim is to give our best to your brand, by defining specificities that will truly serve your business. Furthermore, you benefit from a broader network of manufacturing facilities. As a result, you can be sure that only the best will be delivered to you. Indeed, you will surely agree with the fact that the more leverage you have in business negotiations, the better the offer will be, in order to make you satisfied. So, try us.

About Us

At KASTLINE, our driver is to bring a qualitative manufacturing solution for climbing holds brands. We understand that brands need reliable lead times, and that they expect product quality to be up to their expectations, in line with industry standards.

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