At Kastline,

our vision is that you will benefit from a broader network of qualitative manufacturing facilities

We engineer, manufacture and deliver resin materials in line with your requirements.

Firstly, our primary area of focus is the sport climbing market. Indeed, we are passionate about climbing. So, we want to play our part in this fast-developing market. Thus, our vision for Kastline was born from the fact that a qualitative manufacturing facility would be welcome for brands who need increased leverage in negotiation. As climbing holds manufacturers, we want to bring the best of our expertise to these brands who need solid partners in order to take them to the next level. We are governed by three fundamental principles: reactivity, continuous progress and cross-border expertise.


Develop efficiently molds compliant with your instructions.

Continuous progress

Bring innovative solutions to keep you competitive.


Deliver reliable services between China and the rest of the world.

In addition to these principles, we aim to guarantee full transparency on operations. So, we are developing a proprietary tracking system to prevent counterfeit. The other advantage is to provide climbing holds brands with a solution to increase brand loyalty among their final clients. As a result, if you decide to select us as distributor too, your clients will have the guarantee that they get authentic holds and volumes. Moreover, they will have an enhanced positive experience with your brand.

Unleash the dragon.

– Kastline

China is a fantastic and still mostly untouched new territory for sport climbing, yet growing very fast. So, as specialists of Chinese market, we also aim at opening new distribution channels for climbing holds brands working with us.

About Us

At KASTLINE, our driver is to bring a qualitative manufacturing solution for climbing holds brands. We understand that brands need reliable lead times, and that they expect product quality to be up to their expectations, in line with industry standards.

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