Which climbing holds brands can you find in China ?

At Kastline, we are not only industry experts but also passionate climbers. So, you easily guess that you can also meet us in climbing gyms. We have climbed in several climbing gyms in China. Thus, we could find out the brands that are already here. The aim of this article is to share with you which climbing holds brands have made their way to climbing gyms in China. As usual, at the end of this article, you will find an infographics with these datas.

International brands

Some international brands have already arrived to the chinese market. Here, we list only some of the mainstream brands seen in climbing gyms: AIX, Kilter, Flathold, Morpho, Cheetah, Artline, Simpl., Bleaustone, Blue Pill. Climbers here love to try the huge volumes by Simpl. as well as the dual-tex shapes by Cheetah, Blue Pill… to quote but a few. Route-setters become more and more inventive to set routes with the grips from these brands. Sometimes, international route-setters are also appointed by the climbing gyms in order to set the routes.

Local brands

Before some international brands started to arrive to China, local climbing holds brands were already existing. They keep a very decent market share in the climbing gyms’ holds mix. Indeed, they offer competitive prices and lead times for delivery. Historical brands are Gecko King and Moonhill. Gecko King climbing holds are also usually used in competitions in China. Furthermore, due to the fast-development of the climbing market in China, new brands are emerging, like AGholds. AGholds is appreciated not only because it brings a lot of interesting dual-tex shapes to the market, but also due to the quality of the materials and the competitive prices.

What conclusions can we draw ?

As a matter of fact, climbing gyms in China source both international and local brands, based on different drivers. They select international climbing holds based on the strength of the brand. Obviously, brand owners build awareness across the climbing community by getting their climbing holds seen in competitions. They also invest in digital marketing. In addition, word-of-mouth plays an important role. Indeed, particularly in China, networks are very important: many climbing communities exist on social networks in order to share best practices.

As mentioned, climbing gyms also need to get fast and efficient delivery services from climbing holds brands, on top of competitive prices. This is the reason why they keep sourcing from local brands, too. These brands are referenced on the famous sales channels in China as well, like Taobao.

At Kastline, our aim is to facilitate the local access to your climbing holds, by manufacturing them in China. We also offer to make your climbing holds available on these famous sales channels, and to promote them. Last but not least, because we climb, we know the climbing gyms here and their owners. By appointing us as distributors, you will be able to benefit from our network. Let’s discuss further about your needs here, unless we meet each other in a climbing gym in China !

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