China is on a fast-developing lane when it comes to take sport climbing to the highest level. Indeed, the Olympics’ impacts on climbing in China are very positive, since the official introduction of climbing as an official sport. So, we want to share with you further information about the subsequent development of the climbing scene in China. All you need is to click on the section below that interests you the most !

Impact 1: Massive ACS

When a new sport is integrated in the Olympic Games, it becomes a sport for which nations need their own champions. Yet, champions need to train in ad hoc facilities in order to reach their best. As a consequence, different stakeholders are erecting massive Artificial Climbing Structures (ACS) – designed to reproduce the climbing competitions environment – in different towns in China. Now, no doubt that champions have increasingly more facilities to prepare themselves correctly. As a result for climbing holds brands, the operators of these ACS will order more and more holds seen in previous competitions. They will also order those from the official list of suppliers for the next Olympic Games.

Impact 2: China is a land for IFSC competitions

You may have heard of Chongqing, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Tai’An, or Wujiang when watching sport climbing competitions. All these cities are located in China. They regularly host IFSC competitions on existing ACS designed as per IFSC standards. For climbing holds brands, this has two consequences. First, for those already involved in competitions, a local presence becomes a must-have to meet the demand for their already famous brand. Second, for the other brands, they should start to build a visibility among the local climbing community. The aim of such a move is to catch the growth of the demand for qualitative holds.

Impact 3: Increasing number of climbing gyms

New operators open their own bouldering gym in multiple towns in China. Some of them are passionate climbers who want to bring this experience to the largest number of persons. As a consequence, you can see all types of climbers here: very advanced and powerful ones, but also enthusiastic beginners.

The powerful ones come to climbing gyms in order to keep training. They look for challenges. They are also eager to learn all the technics that will add up to their strength. The routes set for them are becoming more and more intriguing. As a result, climbers need to think creatively in order to top them out. Furthermore, many groups of climbers exist in China on WeChat. There, you will be exposed to endless discussions about climbing experience ! You should not underestimate how fast China is learning, thanks to efficient communication platforms.

The enthusiast beginners come to climbing gyms out of curiosity. They are looking for trying this sport that had – so far – not been part of the traditional sports in China. And, they seem obviously happy to come back.

For you as a climbing holds brand, that means that your brand can reach the next booming market if you get your holds manufactured and distributed locally.

Impact 4: New needs in China from climbing gyms

Climbing gym owners look for the best lead time, value with no compromise on quality. The needs of the route-setters are basically the same as everywhere else: aesthetics, directionality, texture experience, size to quote but a few. As a climbing holds brand, you need to avoid complicated topics such as customs. Not only this costs a lot, but it also impacts your ability to deliver rapidly and makes the process more complicated. This is the reason why you need to have a local partner who you can trust to manufacture your holds. Last but not least, you may have heard how many companies failed to penetrate the Chinese market. As a consequence, you also need a partner who understands how to sell and communicate in China, namely on which platforms and with which content.

Impact 5: Sport climbing in education

Another way the Olympics impacts climbing in China is education. We witness that an increasing number of schools and universities build and operate a climbing wall. Indeed, this is also how you create a passion at the very early stages of life. As a result, the next champions will for sure arise from the kids who got the chance to discover sport climbing in their education curriculum. For your brand, it is another huge developing market segment, due to the number of schools and universities in China. Thus, the closer you will get your brand to this market segment, the better you will leverage on it.

As a conclusion, the future for climbing holds brands lies in China. We are in a fast-developing and huge market, fueled by the fact that the Olympics impacts climbing in China. The facts and figures speak for themselves.

We have gathered all these facts and figures in the infographics below, for your reference. You can also download it using the link at the bottom of this article. Last but not least, you are welcome to contact us for further information: Kastline aims to be your trusted partner in this new stage of development for your business, and beyond.

Infographics key impacts olympic games

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